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  • When do I book the DJ for my wedding?
    As early as possible! On average, 400,000 people get married every year, and that's just in Germany! The problem: There aren't that many DJs to cover this crowd. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find the right DJ for your day.
  • In welchen Locations habt ihr schon aufgelegt?
    In den letzten Jahren sind wir viel rumgekommen. Mitunter spielten wir bei den bekanntesten Hochzeitslocations in der Region, aber auch bei dem ein oder anderen Geheimtipp waren wir zu Gast :-) Hier kennt man uns bereits: - Hofgut Heidesheim - Burghof Brombachtal - Wilhelmsgut Heidelberg - Gut Rehbach - Schlossgut L├╝ll - Hofgut Hohenstein - Hotel Darstein Altrip - Schl├Âsschen im Park Limburgerhof - Weingut Motzenb├Ącker - Delta Musikpark Essen - Musikpark Ludwigshafen - Alte Schlossfabrik Solingen - Heim'sche Privat-Sektkellerei Neustadt - Kellers Keller - Stahlwerk.Events Gr├╝ndau - Haus der Muse - Honigs├Ąckel - Schloss Romrod - Hofgut Petersau - Altes Weingut am Maxbrunnen D├ťW - Martinshof Laumersheim - Villa Hirzel Bar Salon - Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald (Schweiz) - Gut Leben am Morstein Westhofen - Autohaus B├╝rkle - Wanderclub Edelweiss Dudenhofen - Festhalle Flonheim - Weingut Bremer - Schlo├č Auerbach - Weingut Jean Buscher - Siegelsbacher M├╝hle - Weingut Mussler - Freinsheimer Hof - Karlsburg Karlsruhe - Romantikhof Hangen-Weisheim - Mittelburg Neckarsteinach - Dohlm├╝hle Flonheim - Winzergarten Gro├čkarlbach - Ankerpunkt See-Location Sinsheim - Mathis Wiesenm├╝hle - Weinstube Marienhof Flemlingen - Philipp eins Speyer - Hagenbr├Ąu Worms - Partyservice Muth Heddesheim - Turmrestaurant im Ebertpark - Weinhaus Henninger Kallstadt - Eventhouse Weber Br├╝hl - Rick's Cafe Limburgerhof - Weingut Mayerhof - Pfalzhotel Asselheim - Weingut Cleres Abenheim - Weingut Sandwiese Worms - Schmieders Deidesheim - Sutters Landhaus Gensingen - Luisenpark Mannheim Seeb├╝hne - Luisenpark Mannheim Restaurant Haupteingang - Motor und Yacht Club Worms - VFR Mannheim - Manfred Sauer Stiftung - Jahnhalle Bobenheim-Roxheim - TSV Wieblingen - diverse Geimeindehallen und Kerwen wie z.B. He├čheim, Bermersheim, Herxheim, Mannheim-Rheinau, Dirmstein, Jugendhaus Vogelstang, Worms-Neuhausen, WSV Roxheim, Birkenheide, Sargenroth
  • In welchen Regionen seid ihr als Hochzeits DJ unterwegs?
    Wir selbst kommen aus dem Raum Frankenthal. Selbstverst├Ąndlich bilden wir das komplette Einzugsbebiet im Umkreis von 150km ab. Aber gerne sind wir f├╝r euch auch auf Anfrage deutschlandweit oder sogar international unterwegs.
  • What happens after the request?
    You would like to get to know us, and we you, first and foremost personally, because after all you don't want to buy a pig in a poke, do you? Since your wedding will be a very special day in your life, it is important that you know that we are definitely the right people for you. If we were able to convince you of our overall concept, you will receive a non-binding offer from us. The booking contract is only concluded when you agree to all the points discussed.­čśŐ
  • Is there a preliminary talk?
    Yes, of course! You tell us all your wishes and needs in a direct exchange so that we can prepare perfectly for your celebration. Gladly also on site at your location to give us a first impression and to be able to offer you the best possible service.
  • What factors determine the asking price?
    No event is like the other and therefore each wedding should be evaluated individually! After our non-binding initial meeting, you will be informed of the exact price, which is based on important points such as the journey, the duration of the DJ's play or the scope of the set-up and service. (lighting technology or number of loudspeakers). Important for you: There are no hidden costs or similar. The price from the confirmed offer is binding for us! Security and transparency are very important to us!
  • What set-up time do we have to plan for?
    Depending on the size and complexity, assembly can take up to 90 minutes. On average, however, we are operational after an hour.
  • What if my party goes longer than planned?
    Of course that's no problem at all! We are there for you until you, the host, end the party or the last of your guests goes home.
  • Do you accept music requests?
    Guests' music requests are no problem at all! We try to integrate them into our program in a timely manner in such a way that, from a musical point of view, it gives a well-rounded picture. But it shouldn't be too many, because we're still DJ's, not a jukebox ;-) And of course always according to the occasion.
  • DJ failure / illness?
    The WeddingBuddies consist of Daniel, Jan and Sebastian. If one of us 3 should drop out, there are always 2 DJ's as backup. So don't worry, one of us will definitely show up :-)
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